Gloria's computer became infested with spyware and adware after she hit a bad site. Despite having Ad Aware and Spybot on the system, I was unable to clean some of the things her computer contained.

In looking for a solution, I stumbled across a link for SpyFerret. I made the mistake and downloaded it for $39.

It is a rip-off. In working with it, I discovered that if I had refused the $39 demand, they would have dropped the price to $19. Further into usiing it, I discovered that it does not perform as advertised and, in fact, persisted in opening two vulnerabilities that I had previously closed. It detects spyware because it appears that it lets it in intentionally.

I e-mailed the seller, cited the problems, pointed out their "guaranteed satisfaction" statement on their website. I have since e-mailed them three more times. They have not responded.

In doing the research I should have done before downloading, I find many complaints about this offshore company based in Kuwait. They are cited for copyright infringement in a link posted by the Washington post. Numerous newsgroup complaints mirror my comments and findings.

Today, I called my bank and disputed the charge. The bank will credit my account. I wonder if I will hear from the seller now?

Do not use or buy SpyFerret.