It is a myth that religion has been responsible for most wars. Historically, nationalistic expansion has caused more "rivers of blood" than religion ever did! Since the middle of the 18th century no wars were religion driven. (Unless you regard Socialism in it's extreme manifestations of Communism and National Socialism (NAZI)as religions.) The slaughters of the French Revolution were engineered by atheists. The American Civil War had nothing to do with religion. Likewise World Wars 1 and 2, and the Korean and Vietnamese wars, or the horrors of Cambodia and Rwanda and the socialization of the Russia and the Soviet Republics between the wars, or the socialization a China after WW2. More people were killed in this time period than lived on the earth prior to 1700! And none of these killings took place in the name of religion!

The statement that Religion is responsible for more wars and death than other historical movements and events is an unthinking slander by athiests and it is easily refuted by anyone with any knowledge of world history.