Going to stay there for a little while longer too. But before I head out again I got something to say.
D.Micus, I love ya man. Still read the articles. Wish I could have made the trip this year, but things happen. I feel that some things happen for a reason. I will be there next June for certain.
There are alot of folks on here who's comments and post I like to read.
I won't go into any details but, I got a road bike and have fallen into the cyclism. Lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks.
Things ARE getting better. The wife is happy and the Dr. is too.
If you think fly anglers can be a bit snobish and pay way too much for rods and reels, try cycling.
Some of the most uptight, rudest people I've ever talked with. Some aren't though.
And let me tell ya this, they get ripped off on gear way more than any of us ever will.
upto $1,500 for a set of wheels. I got a 30K car that I didn't spend that much for wheels on! Even $400 for carbon brake calipers. WTF? I had my front brakes done at the shop, with new rotors it only cost $405. And $250 for a seat made in Italy? Look at it, it's like a 1/2" thick! My *** hurts as it is!
I haven't spent that money on those items. But I did spend more on my pedals than I spent on my Orvis fly reel. Then I got these funny special shoes that you have to use with the funny little pedals that cost more than my Simms gortex waders. Don't get me started about the spandex shorts and shirts or the water bottles and other accessories. Helmet and gloves too. And the initial price for the Trek road bike! Ouch! $650.00! and they says "that's a good entry level priced bike." They said the same thing about the $1100.00 Lemond and the $1500 Trek Ti/carbon too. What I haven't figured out in this sport yet is when the hell do you get out of the entry level stuff.
But I did learn a few things. There is a reason for the spandex, and the funny shoes and pedals. Energy efficiency. Thats the bottom line.
I ordered one of them Italian seats too. $130.00. It's a Fizik Arione. Can't wait to post pics of my sweet looking 230lb butt in spandex planted on that liitle sucker. You guys will be the first to see it too. You lucky dogs!
All in all, don't sweat the bull****! life is short, if you don't get out and get living it, you're gonna be wishing you had.
Follow your dreams and listen with your heart. God, Buddha, Mary, or Ala will help you along the way when he/she feels you need it.