I did and the groups you refer to in the fist part of your post should include press. And this is quite unfortunate indeed that it must.

And as I stated I appoligize for this. You and the rest of Our Troops deserve much much more from all of us and because the press has such a loud and far reaching medium they as My felow country men also, should know and act correctlly. For this I am ashamed of them, as I feel all Americans here at home should be. There should be portest about the press acting they way they have. This would, I feel truly would be getting us on a true United home front.
United we must stand and act! Common sense
here is all it takes. It is this simply!
We all must stop and think about it. Please you fine people that read this take it for what it is ment to be, total United Support for All our Men and Women in harms way, there is No Time or Place for politics about this ever! PERIOD!

Support the troops or "Shut Up" Leaks are what sinks ships! (I know this is a bit dis-respectfully and I am sorry!)

Again I thank you for your service and post.

Nighthalk and all our active / reserve and veteran troops this post is not meant for any of you you have my total Respect and Support , as I said "Some just won't go home
when they should, and it is these people I mean to address. These people should have a voice but not on Our Nations Front Page nigtht after night. This is wrong! actually this is what is wrong.

Can anyone justify the medias actions?
Freedon of Press - I Don't think so!

Truly with Honor,

Steve Molcsan

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