I had bought a faulty bobbin a couple years back at some flyshop in west yellowstone, because, well, I've always admired these beautiful tools. they're comfortable in hand and aesthetically pleasing. I like 'em and I use 'em.

wasatch angleing products I own...
-whip finisher
-rotary hackle pliers
-two bodkins
-large and small hair stackers

classy tools and like I said I like them.

that package I got today? to replace my notreallybrokenbodkin and threadshreddin' bobbin was a treasure trove. dean sent me two standard bobbins, a new bodkin, and a mini whip finisher. I thank you dean from the bottom of my heart. I really do appreciate it. you went above and beyond the call of duty and because of that, you've got a loyal customer (who ties an uncountable number of flies) for life.

once again, thanks. and I look forward to doing additional business with you.