there is so much tension in the last couple of months on this board. if you want to be nasty or difficult, then leave. otherwise, sit back and take a load off and cast a rod. i find it hilarious that we are all argueing about the sport that we all "love". i know that there is no where i would rather be than on a river, casting to a feeding striper or weary trout. unfortunately, i can't do that all the time, so when im cant, i like to come surf FAOL. The problem is that i have witnessed so many little disputes, that it isn't fun any more. how would you like it if there were 20 people bickering and yelling at your favorite fishing hole. now if you would find the fighting more enjoyable than the fishing, then i will just come out and say that you don't belong here. i for one know that i would be quite unhappy. well, i hope every one understands what i am saying, so take that into consideration next time you want to bite someone's head off for making a silly mistake.