Having read all of this I must say that I to can buy rods at very good prices and I do understand why they cost what they do And I to use to do a lot of shows around the country. I had a rod company that sponsered me and a reel company also. I have also been a guide and outfitter for many years. You name it and I seen it in the fly fishing world. If not it is becuase I wasn't looking to hard at the time.
Are some rods a little over priced yep maybe just a bit. But guess what none of them are so over priced as to cause all the hupla that has been expressed here in the last few week.

The reason for the prices on the rods has been given on some of the threads that were locked down but it didn't seem to matter with people that have there mind set one way. Even though very good reason for it were given. They are over priced in those person's minds and that is it.

I don't know the fellow that started this thread from a tinnes ball. All I saw was another person starting up on something that had been locked down twice. To me it was like a smack in the face to the people that own and run this board and the one's that post here. Maybe if this fellow posted here more we might get to know him and understand were he is coming from.

A person can only go by what is written and how it is written on these boards. You can't read a person minds. If a person is taking what I think is a shot at someone I like and respect I will say something about it. That is what I did. Maybe now we can bury this subject. I think it needs it real bad. I know I am done with it. Ron