After reading gonefishn's, "out of the mouth of babes" it reminded me of this. I'm starting a new topic because his should stand alone. I hope more people check it out.

Gonna try to make this short.

So there we were, My wife, 5yr old daughter, myself and our German Shorthaired Pointer(in heat), Casey. In the livingroom, waiting for my wife's contractions to get close enough together to warrent another trip to the hospital. All of a sudden, IT IS TIME! While I was tuning up some quick last minute things, my wife was also. She put some stand-up wooden TV trays in front of the couch to keep the dog off while we were gone, even though we had already put an older clean blanket on it. As we were heading to the hospital our daughter asks mom why she put up the TV trays. My wife and I explained(as well as we could), that Casey was in heat and might bleed on the couch if she layed down on it.

Longgg story short, baby was born and we come home. As I was bringing things(lots)into the house and I hear my daughter scream, OH NO! MOM DAD YOU NEED TO SEE THIS! As I was heading in her direction I asked what was wrong. She replied, CASEY OVERHEATED ON THE COUCH!!! My wife and I could not stop laughing, we both had tears in our eyes.

Moral of the story: Kids come up with the funniest things and TV trays don't work!

PS, Grandma and Grandpa stopped by to feed Casey and let her out for some quick excersize while we were gone.

Land Em',