I was fishin a stream today, and I met one of them folks you wanna meet. Nice feller, he was catching fish, (I wasn't) I told him to fish on down cause I was'nt catchin any and he might as well fish threw. He stopped, looked up at me, and ask me what I was using. Turns out this person fishes this stream almost everyday, I my self have only fished it twice. He pulls out his pipe coming to land where I had ended up, (packing it along the way). Got any dry flies he asked?, I said yes Sir, he said, drown it. (OK I thought), what color I asked, he said, it don't matter, they want wet flies. Put a split shot or 2 on there to take it down, he said just as he was getting up to me. Hey that's a cane isn't it he ask me. Ahh yes Sir, I just got it and would really like to feel a fish on it. (While I was talking to him, I was trying to tye on a wet fly, he kept looking at my rod, I finnaly got it tyed on.) Want to try it Sir,( I asked him), I could tell by the look in his eye's he wanted too. Yeah he said to me, where did ya get it? I said from a feller named Bill T, W.R.Taylor in Pa, he asked, in PA? I'm from Pa.!
Where boughts in Pa? I told him Boiling springs Pa. He said yeah, I'v fished that area alot, I'm from near there. He stepped out into the water with my baby...'S" And started casting it, he said with a grin, yeah, that's nice, real nice. I don't remember the town he said he lived in growing up near Boiling Springs, I think it was george town or something like that.I tried the splitshot thing, and bill, if you read this, forgive me, I feel ashamed... But this guy made all his rods, flies, and even his leader straighter. Folks this story is true, I made up nothing, any of it... "S" I need to learn how to get a wet down without a splitshot!!! lol

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