After two weeks and still no tool, I wrote him asking what was up Backorder??? To this he replied "I had a show I think I sent it last week." I waited another and wrote him, "Iunderstand that doing shows are a lot of work, but I still have not received my tool yet. Are you sure you sent it?" to that came the reply "I SENT IT". Another week goes buy again I wrote him, "I have yet to receive the tool I paid for. It is rather obvious that it is not coming. What can we work out?" He replyes "Give it another week and I'll see what I can do" Another week goes by and still no tool. By now I am frustrated and politily asked for a refund. Another week, no reply, I write and say "Please make this good. You will find me a valuable customer" A few days later his responce is "I thought you wanted a refund" I write back "Yes I want a refund but it has been two weeks sence you said you would give me a refund. a few days later he writes, I sent it I won't send you another. At that point I contacted PayPal. They froze his account but could only get 9 dollars and some change from the account.
He may have done good by you but he sure shafted me.