Should be avoided. He has a flashy site and claims to have lots of stuff but this is what happened to me.
I saw a tool on his site that I had never seen before (or sence) it was called a French Magic Tool, basicly a Magic Tool that clipped to the vise. Cost for his special order of, the tool, CDC & thread + shipping came to $28.75. After 3 weks of not receiving my package I wrote Mr. Mike Hogue asking what was up. To make a long story short, after another four weeks I contacted PayPal, They did an investagation and determed I was due for a full refund. They tryed to take the money from his account but he only had $9. and some change. So it looks like I'm out at least $20.
So do what you will with this information, I just don't want the jerk to get any more free money.
If you need more information write me at