<<<<<dropper; If she ain't into our obsession, then 'drop 'er'
<<<<<tail; What we guys chase when the fish ain't about!
<<<<<new rod; Goes down with the spouse as good as 'Honey, got some viagra today, just in case!'
<<<<<leader; Is she with the 'honey-do' list
<<<<<tippet; Sounds like castration, i.e. 'I just been tippeted'
<<<<< dry fly; means you ain't been caught yet!
<<<<< wet fly; means shower before you get home... she can SMELL her on you!
<<<<< lure; what led you into the two above to start!
<<<<< streamer; What your spouse will cry whan/if the above does happen!!
<<<<< fully-dressed; What you should be, if you are to deny any of the above!!!!!
<<<<< sili-legs... either the ones u been watching all night.. or the 'silly legs u got when you get home after too much rum!!
<<<<<tail;...... see above!!!!
<<<<<fly-tyer;..... What she will do to you when she catches you!!
<<<<<gold-head;...... honey blonde?? ;0)
<<<<<lead-head;...... her thick mate!
<<<<< buzzer;... the little button you gotta use when, after all this, you find you forgot your keys!
<<<<<flymph; the little nymph who bu**ered off with your wallet when you slept afterwards!!
<<<<<bend-back; position no. 227!! Ouch!!!
<<<<<spent; all your dollars checking out the above!!
<<<<<spinner; tring to replace what you've spent... looking for another money-spinner!!
<<<<<dun; how you feel after spending ?500 on an exclusive salmon beat in a non-exclusive month!
<<<<<egg fly; like being caught with egg on your chin... only worse!!
<<<<<ugly bugger;...... need i say more!!! LMAO

As featured in Trout Fisherman, UK, Jan 2005! I'd still rather be fishin'!!