The first difference between us is I think "You Do Your Thing" is a great song, a good ballad. It's also a GREAT CD. Needless to say, I am a Mongtomery-Gentry fan.

The second, and more significant difference is this. You wrote regarding your watching the video for "You Do Your Thing":
"I laughed through the whole thing."

What could you possibly find the least bit "funny" about the serious topic of the song while viewing clips of actual television news footage of the Columbine school tragedy?"

One of the threads of advice I give to any young woman looking for a nice man to marry.
"Never marry a guy who only likes "guy movies."

A "real man" is sensitive when sensitivity is called for.

What does this have to do with fly fishing? Perhaps nothing, except that our personalities and character traits spill over into evey facet of our lives.

I for one am not a namby-pamby kind of guy. It's black or white. I believe what I believe for a reason.

"Feed the good wolf."