Peta, Greenpeace...
Now the Humane Society.

I don't have many t.v. channels, Three that's it. The joys of living in the North, just far enough from town that we can't get cable.

Anyway, said that to say this. A few weeks ago my wife mentions to me that there is a fly fishing program on t.v. We don't get fly fishing programs, so right away I was interested.

I started watching, a guy standing in a river waving a rod with line on it, doing an aweful job, this guy couldn't cast at all. I watched anyway, wanted to see if he would catch anything.

As he was swinging his line a container floated down stream toward him and he scooped it up. He looked around and didn't see anyone who might have dropped it. A little while later he comes out of the water to take a break, opens the container and takes out a sandwich from inside, starts to eat it.

After a bite or so, a strange look comes over his face and he is suddenly jerked form his position and dragged into the water by his mouth and pulled under. After being under for just a few seconds he comes flying back up to the surface and makes his way back to the river bank. With a disgusted look on his face and stamping off to give up fly fishing for good.

What? That is messed up. Then a message came on the creen attributing the short clip to the humane society.

I thought these guys were mainly about finding homes for and protecting stray pets.
After this I think it is safe to paint them with the same brush as Peta or Greenpeace.
Or as I like to put it (people who value the life of animals over the lives of people.) -Yaf

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