"Now If I am not mistaking there is a Yellowheaded guy from Oklahoma that Bass fishes (Has his own show) and kisses every bass he catches? I have also watched guys in those Bass tournaments kiss fish that they catch. Now I do not know about you but in all the years I have fished and guided for trout I have seen just one trout kissed and that was by a lady and her husband told her she had to do it as it was her first one."

The "Yellow-Headed Guy" was former B.A.S.S. National Champion Roland Martin. I beleive he is an Insurance Salesman in Oklahoma, now.

I just don't understand this characterization of us Fly-Fishers as strange people. I, for one, have never kissed a trout full-on-the-lips. That's perverted! I usually just hug them, blow in their ear and turn 'em loose.

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