There is a show on ESPN called "Loudmouth Bass" They are trying to get one of those "In Your Face" type shows going I guess? They are knocking Fly Fishermen as being wimps that kiss there fish before letting them go? If you were to ask me that show should have the B taken off of Bass and you would have the right name for it.

Now If I am not mistaking there is a Yellowheaded guy from Oklahoma that Bass fishes (Has his own show) and kisses every bass he catches? I have also watched guys in those Bass tournaments kiss fish that they catch. Now I do not know about you but in all the years I have fished and guided for trout I have seen just one trout kissed and that was by a lady and her husband told her she had to do it as it was her first one.
I do not understand why these guys have to come down on fly fishermen unless they just have to have something to poke fun at?

It kind of amazes me that Bass fishermen would come down on anyone? They spend 50 grand for a boat, motor and trailer. Another 40 grand for a truck to haul it and another 10 to 15 for the rods, reels and lures that they use. All so they can run around at 70 miles an hour and catch a 2 pound Bass on 80 pound spiderwire?
If you ask me they are the ones that are missing the real reason that a person fishes. Becuase it is fun and should be taken at an easy pace. I know a few Guides out here that would love to take those two Bass guys out fishing. Course they may come back with a few bumps and bruses on them? Ron

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