I'm not sure what FFF is, but here is my take on the incident. While I don't know what led up to the incident for sure ( I was not present), the use of the F word in public was inappropiate, and if he had done it around here to anyone, regardless of provocation, he would've been severely (and possibly physically) reprimanded by everyone within earshot. In my neck of the woods, you can, and will be thrown in what passes for a jail here for using that kind of language in public. It is called "Public Misconduct" and carries a penalty of up to 3 days in jail and/or a $150.00 fine. It was reprehensible and uncalled for, no matter what the issue was. It is inexcusable.

As for paying an out of town 'expert', it is unethical to pay an out-of-town speaker a fee if they are not paying locals when they speak. A Speaker is a Speaker regardless of what ever else they do for a living on other days, or where they live. Now, it would probably be OK to cover their travel, food and lodging expenses as a courtesy to an out of towner, if all the members agreed. It makes no difference if I am a CPA during the week. If I am asked to speak on Fly-Fishing, or whatever, on Fri. night, then for that night, I am the 'Expert', and entitled to all the perks and advantages of such, whether I live up the street or in Bangladesh! It's called RESPECT. A persons' time from another city is not worth any more than your friends' and nieghbors'time.

Just my opinion, for what it's worth.

Semper Fi!

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