All I can say is HOLY COW! I called a fly shop the other day that organizes a fly-fishing consumer show. I introduced myself and asked about possibly purchasing some exhibit space and showing some new items we have coming as a sneak peek.

The owner of the fly shop could not have fit the mould of the stereotypical fly shop owner/worker any better. His arrogance oozed through the phone and the holier than thou attitude made me sick. I will just never understand what turns some fly shop owners/employees into complete idiots.

If I had been new to fly-fishing and walked into this shop and was met with this attitude I probably would have walked away from fly-fishing for good. Words cannot describe just how sick it makes me to deal with a complete &*%@# like this and know that they are representing our great pastime.

Note to all fly shop owners and employees. Be sure you understand the following:

- Despite what you may think, you do not know everything.

- Despite what you may think, you are not better than everyone else that walks through the door.

- Despite what you may think, you are not gods gift to the fly-fishing universe, you are not the worlds finest caster, fly tier, fly angler, etc.

I will just never understand this attitude and it frustrates me to the core. I can?t tell you how many anglers I have spoken to that were completely turned off to fly-fishing after an experience like this when they were getting started.

Needless to say, not only will I never get involved in their show, I will be sure nobody I know spends a penny in that store and I'll be happy to assist any shop that competes with them.

Oh great, now my blood pressure is up . . .

Jeff - AKA Dr. Fish
If it has fins and swims than I must chase it!