Ok just to get everyone drooling. Here is my favorite summer cook out.
Start of with several pounds of those thick meaty county cut ribs. Place in a big bowl or container that will seal tight. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, galtic powder. then cover with BEER. make sure the beer will cover the top most rib. Seal tight and place in the bottom of the cooler or frig over night.
The next day take corn on the cob leave the shucks on just clean off the hairs, wrap in a couple of paper towels, the alumin foil. drop into a bucket of water. When you coals are nice and hot place the corn in foil on top of the coals. Open up the sealed contain of ribs. Now the beer should be all gone. The alcohol opens up the pores in the meat and it soaks up the fluid like a big sponge. cook the meat on the grill over the corn and coals make sure to turn the corn. Add some thick sliced onion and whole peppers to the top of the grill. Take a clean coffee can about half full of water place on one corner of the grill to get hot, a pound or so of butter in with the water, place a can out for the wrappings and some sauce and serve, The ribs should be some of the juiceiest and most tender you have ever eatin, and the corn just peel off the foil and paper pull back the shucks and dip the corn into the butter water and it will come out coated with butter. Cooler full of your favorite beer on ice on the side and the you have a meal fit for the most hungery grew you can find.

Every day that I wake up and everything still works. Is a good day.