Sort of an "off the wall" question for you.

I am a "semi-professional" woodworker. By that I mean I get paid for my woodworking but it is not how I make my living. I have made a number of flyfishing related items that I think are top-notch. Fly boxes, landing nets, rod tubes, fly tying desks and benches, etc.

The problem is that I live in eastern South Dakota. Not exactly a "hot bed of fly fishing". Also, South Dakota isn't loaded with people with enough money to spend $40 on a wooden fly box just because it looks nice when the $6 fly box will hold flies just as well, or $80 on a rod tube when a $15 one will do the job.

So my question is...Is there a market out there for these types of "presentation quality" items? If so, how do you tap into it? I see similar items on the internet and at fly fishing shows. Does anybody really buy this stuff?

I'm not asking if any of you want to buy my stuff. I'm asking "How do you find the type of person who WILL buy this stuff because it is HIGH QUALITY, looks good, and, darn it, they think they are worth spending that kind of money on themselves?"

Thanks for any input. (Or am I just kidding myself?)

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