Glad the mail got through, usually does, but sometimes "Murphy's Law" is in action. Here is how you can prevent lost packages.

On the inside of the box, have a manifest of all articles, and include the "From" and "To" Addresses. If there are packages inside the shipping box, paste a return address label to those packages if the box break open in shipping.

Outside of the box, either write on the box using a "Sharpie" pen, or other permanent marker. All other inks will run and become illegible if they get wet. Include a "From" and "To" Address. Most important please PRINT the address in CAPITAL LETTERING.

Seal the all box flaps (don't forget the edges) with Sealing Tape.

Then Band the box on all three axis with Strapping Tape.

You can also either INSURE the Package, if so use the NUMBERED INSURED, this will give the package a NUMBER that can be refered to if trying to trace it if lost. Numbered Insured are stored for 1 year at the Mail Recovery Centers.

Otherwise you can purchase CONFIRMATION MAILING, where the package gets a CONFIRMATION NUMBER, and you can track it at [url=][/url:a0a00] You can also find the correct Zip Code at the above site, and other useful information.

~ Parnelli

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