I hear a lot about bad fly shops, but not much about good ones. I have visited many shops in many states some good some bad. I have been treated like a second class citizen in some and like I was the best customer in others. I want to tell you about a local shop here in Knoxville, TN. They are the only fly fishing and tying shop in Knoxville. Hope it is ok to mention there name here. It is called The Creel. Being the only shop here you might think they would be picky and arrogant. But just the opposite. They are very friendly and helpful. If you are just looking for a spool of thread or a high end rod you will always be treated with kindness and friendship and always willing to help. I applaude them. And wish them a prosperous business. Just wanted to add a little positive side.

I wish you everlasting flies and tight lines.

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