I have to join the gone nuts club . Yesterday I waded out into the creek behind my house Its about 50 feet wide 2 ft deep and the pool I was in about 200 ft long . Its in the middle of town and practically fishless . I was practicing my cast I had on a #22 chronomid just so that the tippet wasn't bare. Next thing I know I hear a voice , you can't fish there its closed. Fisheries officer . I told a little white lie and said that there is nothing on my line I'm just practicing for spring , He laughed and left . I continued for another 10 minutes when to my great suprise I caught a 3 inch sculpin . I broke off the hook point so I wouldn't catch anything else . I had a 8 inch trout make a pass at the lure a bit later I continued till my brother in law came out and started to laugh and make jokes about me with passersby . I hope to reciprocate this summer by dumping him in the lake .

Time is the fire that we burn in .