OK,Ok so I rushed it just a little. I have an hour drive to and from work. An there are several little ponds along the side of the hiway that have been free from ice for almost a week. So today I grab my new rod and reel load up my vest and leave early to hit a little lake I know of on a back road into work. Only three to five feet of water showing the rest was ice. OH there was a nice big open area on the lake. But no why I could get to it. I did watch a couple of little fish come out from under the ice and look around. So I rig up and try in to the little bit of open water that was around the shore line. No one else was around so what the heck. No sooner do I get my rod rigged up to drive down come a couple of other guys to check out the lake and here I am looking like a big fool with my vest on and casting to the few feet of open water. I am not in a hurry or anything. OK maybe I am in a hurry.

Every day that I wake up and everything still works. Is a good day.