My nine year old son and I planned a fishing trip to the local lake today. We left the house at 0530, headed into town and got breakfast and we were at the "MIS-MANAGED" Army Corps lake by 0700. As we drove, I tried my best to explain to my excited Son sportsmanship as it applies to fishing and hunting. 0705, we are at our fishing spot only to find it littered with; broken beer bottles, plastic six pack rings, empty hook packages, fishing line, worm containers etc.....

After cleaning the area and putting the trash into a bag that I had brought for just such an incident, we fished. While we did not catch a fish today, my son learned a lesson. I hope that when he gets older, this day will be with him and that he continues the tradition of respect.

As I explained to my son, the people that left this garbage behind claim to be sportsmen. They may have the technical knowledge to catch fish, but they are not sportsmen.

Thanks for the time.