On another thread, under the subject of Health and Fitness, weight loss and conditioning are being discussed. Maybe the following will help others:

I am (was) a pretty good sized guy, aged 71 6'2" and I "used" to weigh 222. I thought Iwas in pretty good shape for an old goat. About 3 weeks ago, while seeing the M.D. for treatment for Brochitus, they made a blood test. The outcome of that test is that I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. A shock to me since my numbers have always been within norms. And, while not the most healthy diet, I've generally watched what I ate (and I "ate" aplenty my friends). Now the resulting numbers coming out of the test weren't astronomical but still high enough to issue some serious warnings....Blood Glucose 137 fasting (the top norm limit is 100). Blood Pressure 138/88 (norms vary according to age).

We have a Golden Retriever Therapy Dog who is responsible for us doing at least 3 and sometimes 4 fast walking miles (15 minutes or less per mile) every single day. I've been in that routine for 2-1/2 years now. He is also responsible for us making the rounds at a local hospital at least once per week. At the hospital we see any number of medical conditions from a close up standpoint and also, due to the Therapy Dog program, are the recipient of a medical overview annually. In addition, there is alwasys plenty of reading material around the hospital about various problems such as Diabetes, back problems, need for exercise, etc. Still I was pretty surprised to learn of my condition.

Here we are 2-1/2 weeks later and I'm very upbeat about my situation....why?? The following:

I've stepped up my physical activity by working out at my club on a daily basis in addition to the daily speedwalks with Lancaster, the Super Dog. I've followed the South Beach Diet with a fervor for 14 days now (at first I fought the Doc over the choice because I was under the misunderstanding that it was a fad diet, I'm now very much of a proponant of SBD.)

In the meantime, Doc decided to "protect my kidneys" with a drug that also lowers the BP.

I take my BG once per day and my BP twice per week.

Here's the results to date:

Blood Glucose - avg. 96 fasting (I've had numbers as low as 92). So I'm getting that under control. How? Diet and Exercise.

Blood Pressure - 117/78 (The drug is the prime reason here I suppose but the weight loss helps huge I'm sure.)

Weight lost to date - 16 pounds (11 to go to reach my goal)

I feel great and have a positive attitude towards the future. Turns out that I'll control this thing.

Who lost in the deal? Schmirnov, Coors & most of Napa Valley.

Who gained on the deal? Me, my family and the local fly shops who will have a good customer for many years to come.

This saga isn't meant to be a self discription of my travails but is truly to issue a warning to all of you. Diabetes is an eventual killer if not controlled at once.

Get a health check-up, stop smoking, lose weight, get plenty of exercise. Why? Because you want to live a much longer life. If you want further info, email me personally.

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