I have started the article, and hope to finish it in a week or so.
There is more info on my trip on 'Back From Cuba' post in the Saltwater board.
Ten days into the holiday, my thoughts were that this would be such an enthusiastic article... the last few days kinda knocked that enthusiasm! Kinda like introducing an alien species (i.e.mink) into the countryside... then watching the destruction unfold!
I have no intention penalising the guides, or anyone else local to the Cayos for the disruption caused by a few 'alien species'!
The article, when completed, will be forwarded to JC & LF in the hopes that it will provide some useful info for anyone considering a trip to the Cayos. It will be balanced, informative, educational and with no mention of any negatives.(except when i skunked... but thats' another story! LOL)
The whole point of me sounding off about these jerks was really just to 'get it off my chest'.... i know it happens the world over, its not the first time for me either, but after that, and a ten hour flight back to the UK, jetlag etc., I JUST NEEDED TO SCREAM!!! AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! :0)
Hope this removes any confusion???

As featured in Trout Fisherman, UK, Jan 2005! I'd still rather be fishin'!!