Hi Gang..
Just back from a wonderful fishing holiday in Cuba! Two weeks of bonefish, barracuda and snapper on the long rod. Hooked my first tarpon, estimated at 100-120 pounds by the guide, which threw the hook 20-odd feet into the air after a 200-meter run.. totally awesome! It's a beautiful country, with such friendly people. Every day, my guide had everything organised.. all i had to do was turn up in the hotel lobby each morning, all else was taken care of by Juanito. My boat guide, Orlando, was top-class too! Both guides worked their hardest to put me onto fish each day, their love of fly-fishing just shone through and made the holiday almost perfect! ALMOST??? i hear you say???
Yes, almost! On my final few days fishing, a party of Canadians were fishing from the lodge too... around seven or eight of them. Their loud behaviour, bad language,abuse of the guides and sheer arrogance(or should that be ignorance??) upset me. After such an amazing 2 weeks in paradise, i was looking forward to returning to Cayos Paredon,Romano and Coco again next year... now I am not so sure! I have to write up an article on the Cayo Paredon bonefish for the travel company... and to be honest, i'm not sure my heart is in it now! I have my memories and photos, both of my fish and of the wonderful, hard-working guides who made that holiday superb.... but also the memories of these discourteous and arrogant a***oles. Although they had all the gear, they weren't fly-fishers... they didn't have what it takes to be a fly-fisher!
Sound-off finished for now... look forward to your feedback! Thanks, Andy

As featured in Trout Fisherman, UK, Jan 2005! I'd still rather be fishin'!!