I like people who make me think and take alook inside. I know some people relly hate the book " A river runs through it" JC's column this week reminds me of the last line "I am haunted by waters." So many vivid memories revolve around the outdoors and fishing with my Dad and brother. When ever I smell a bad cigar I think of Doc Russell who always smoked them stalking muskies, upon his death he gave my brother and myself split cane musky rods that we used to fly kites and destroyed. What a legacy I would like to have back. Knocking off the largest Walleye my father ever hooked, night fishing on Mercer Lake Wisconsin his comment to a teary eyed 8 year old was at least we won't have to clean it. Watching my son catch a 39"19lb. Chinook and feeling no jealosy what so ever, it was just cool to see his triumph. Zacharys first bluegill on a fly rod on a fly he tied. It probably wasn't over 5", but in our relationship it was a monster.In a time when people seem to go out of their way to be critical, find fault, to run down, and diminish. Your columns(JC,LF,RS,DM,RZ and others ) have really been a wonderful addition to my fly fishing enjoyment. Thanks