There was a clearance sale on hunting clothes, spinning gear and some fly fishing gear. Most of the fly fishing deals were in the bargain cave. They did have some dubbing, flash, fly tying kits and their stream side vise and tool kits on sale in the fly shop. They had some of their float tubes on sale also. Amy bought herself a couple of shirts and some other small things but she spent most of her time looking at the fish, conservation mountain and the safari display. She told me this trip was my reward for working so hard at the New Cumberland Army Depot and on her vehicles on my time off. We had dinner on the way home but the next trip will be her trip upstairs to their restaurant and the Cabela's General Store. Mike, we better plan a full day just for you to see the store! If I recall the store is about 250,000 square feet. Jerry, maybe we can all get together for a day.

Like I said I am a very lucky boy!

Eric "nighthawk"