Ever sit back and think? Think about what your doing, and why your doing it. Sometimes I stop and think, and say to myself, "Why?".

I'm not wacko or suicidal or anything of that nature(well, maybe a little crazy, but in fun. I figure we all are). I just sometimes wonder why. Just that one word. I'll get a chill; I can't think of a reason. For myself, I guess, that would make sense. I figure, and have been told, you do things for yourself in mind, don't let others walk over you.

Sometimes that one 'Why' sparks off another question, "What are we all striving for?" When these questions hit me, it brings on this this incredibly hepless feeling. Maybe I'm just wondering if I have a place, a purpose. I like to feel needed, and as people, I think it's natural to want to be needed and have a purpose.

What do you all think about this? Ever feel like this? AM I crazy?

Just venting, searching my thoughts. Hey, after lookin at this, maybe I should be a shrink...