The most emotional moment of the evening for me was the mouthing "where's my Dad?".
When, at the moment an athlete achieves a crowning glory the first thing he spontainously thinks of is "where's my Dad (or Mom)?" I can think of no higher sign of love and respect for one's parents.

I still vividly remember the time when one of my sons won the Conference MVP and the first thing he did was seek me out in the stands to give me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. My eyes tear at this moment with the memory.

That hockey team gave as much of a patriotic lift to America as any Olympic event ever.

Interesting contrast....Then and there we had a team with players whose inner spirits carried them to untold heights vs. our recent Olympic basketball teams who epidomize the "Me First" attitude so unfortunatly present in today's Pro Sports.

Snow on the roof with fire in the hearth