My fishing buddy Robert comes from Newfoundland and about six months ago his wifes Mom in conversations with family members, at home--and on the phone, was lamenting that it was to be her eightieth birthday and that it would be real nice to see her kids together once before she passed. There are eight of them-all across Canada- and they talked about it among themselves-figured she was right and organized the first family reunion in twenty years. The end of this month they are all going.Yesterday she announced --she had lied! It,s her seventy ninth birthday! This cracked them all up-the party is still on!
My friend Robert has a brother named Robert. This came about because his Mom when she was a teenager had a child-he was put up for adoption at birth. This was her secret until last year when "the other Robert" managed to find her. She had no idea that her estranged sons name was Robert and bazaarly my friend Robert and his brother Robert had met on Saltspring several times while fishing on St.Marys lake!! My friend lives on Sa;tspring,and his brother lives in Vancouver,and vacations here. When they met -they looked at each other---"I know you!" ---"I knowyou!--Robert and Robert- Stories from the family closet are so much fun!