is killing my back.It's too good, too much info. I have a real bad urge to build rods, tye flies and read more about both. I can't do any of this while the honey do list is as long as Shaq is tall. With each job I do SWMBO adds another. Then she adds a little incentive. For instance for Christmas I got a fly tying tool kit and a rod kit from H&H. So I started wiring light switches for the basement and installing new flooring upstairs. She added items to the list and gets me a subscrition to Flyfishing and Tying Journal for Valentines Day. She's playing me I tell ya.
Next week we get cable internet "so that Kendra can do her howmework quicker", "Gee honey, I don't know how that link to a Begining Fly tying series got on the computer. What? What link to a chat room?"