Gentlemen ( et al):
I have finally decided after almost 35years of flyfishing to "tie my own". The problem is that in all those years I have NEVER sat behind a vise and tied a fly. I have ,however,been accused of tying one on a few times in those years. My dilemna is a follows: I ordered and received an Orvis Premium fly tying kit at $249.00 and am very dissapointed at the quality of the contents. There are things in there that I will probably never use. The vise is of very poor quality.I am sending the entire parcel back to Orvis. I have a degree in " ain't no free lunch" and I didn't expect much for this price but I now think I should have perhaps opted for a non kit option. My question to you flytyers is: Are there "better" kits out there or should I depend on individual components and good advice to build and supply my tying bench?
Thanks in advance