Yes I thought The opening from Ray Charles right to the National Anthem was all done in good taste and was really refreshing to watch. The Game was good and the Game as in a lot of cases is generally over by the end of the first quarter. The teams did not trash talk and most of all the half time show was nice and fun to watch. No contraversy, just a good old show to be enjoyed by both young and old. I really wanted the Patriots to win. When your a cowboy Fan or Giants or Redskins fan the only team you never want to see win are the Eagles. It was a good show and The Hot dogs & Saur Kraut, Deviled eggs, Potatoe Salad, Buffalo wings, Rolling Rock, Bugles and Doritos finally fished with Ice Cream Sundays made the game that much better. All in all I felt the whole evening from 6:00PM Eastern Time one was very good and something pleasingly different.

Andy B