I like to download and play with different Freeware. Dangerous I know but I?m just curious as to how they work. I keep Norton Internet Security running and use Adaware & SpyBot regularly to clean up the garbage that sometimes comes down with the Freeware. Plus using Mozilla for a browser I usually come up clean from Spyware.

This morning I decided to clean up bits and pieces of programs that did not completely uninstall. Using Windows Explorer I noticed something called NewDotNet and didn?t know what it was so I hit the Uninstall.exe file for it. The Uninstall completed but the file was still there so I just deleted the folder. Next thing I know I cannot connect to the Internet or get e-mail. Norton AV starts complaining about not being able to locate TCP/IP. As best I can determine the uninstall process removed my TCP/IP ? In other words no more Internet or Networking.

I just spent the day recovering my Operating System and re-installing applications. Not a disaster ? fortunately I know how to do all that stuff. A little bit of Google research and I find NewDotNet is something downloaded with other programs for the purpose of providing you with pop-ups as you move from web page to web page. A list of these programs was given. One of those programs was WebShots along with a list of other really popular downloads (Kazaa, GoZilla, etc.). I have used WebShots for my wallpaper and screensaver for years ? guess what, I now have new wallpaper and screensaver.

Let No One Walk Alone