Show yourself! Come out of that hole you are hiding in and lets have a head to head sparring match right here! (within reason of course, none of the name calling that you have said to me via email). No more emails between's time to bring this out in the open.

You have commented on how much you dislike other posters...some of which are here on this board...others on both boards. I have yet to know what poster you are on this board, so I really would like to know who sends me emails with basically no information at all besides whining complaints and words against other people who you do not even know. Calling me a loser because I defend peoples' personalities was the last straw.

If you don't show up, I will always think of you as a coward, even if Hank Tank isn't your real name. Whoever you are...

"If firearms cause crimes and kill people, all of the ones I have must be defective."