...your most memorable SW fly-caught fish??

Mine has to be an Atlantic Salmon, caught when i was 12, on a sandeel imitation, from my local beach. The fish was only 3 pounds, but put saline 'n' rum in my veins for the rest of my life.

My most memorable SW fly-lost fish has to be a tarpon(my first!!), in Cuba, last February.... my guide estimated its weight as "Approximately twenty pounds heavier than me!!!!"..(150-170??), took two hundred yards of backing on its' way back to FLA, before jumping 3 times and throwing the popper 20 feet into the air. Still feel that rush now!

So, come on guys, spill the beans!!


"My fishing is no longer an obsession, an addiction, or a mania; it's much more than that!
" - Dave Micus