im new to fly fishing and jumped in with both to a big chunk of water, back bays and the ocean. ive got a st croix 9ft 9wt with a pflueger trion 1990 reel, 1 spool floating 1 spool 225gr, and an intermediate line i can put on, need another spool.

ive been using flourocarbon for leaders, either 5-9ft 15lb or 30lb, depending if blues were around. would it be advantageous to switch to a furled leader. they look interesting and i thought they might help my cast turn over quicker. i was thinking of trying to make some out of 6lb power pro, and some from 1lb mono, looking for a strenght just above my leaders. proble a 6ft with 2ft of flouro.

flys are attached with a no slip loop. all lines have loops in thier ends for quick change of leaders. leader has a double surgeon on line end.

im typically casting @ 50' at the moment and the leader sometimes bunches at the end.
i think that about covers it. is that too much info? or did i miss something?