Florida Pirates are called to the Tampa Bay on the weekend of November 12, 2005.
This will be a secret meeting of the Florida Fish-in 2006 planning board. Please plan on being at this meeting. Bring necessary meeting tools. Topics of discussion are secret so I will not mention them. Come for as long as you like, I will be there on Saturday not sure about Sunday, but maybe.

This will be an all day affair, maybe we can find a place around there to cook hotdogs and burgers. Hey Stev it is your fishing hole, do you know where we can cook some grub? For those who fished it last November, same fishing hole. For the new pirates that are coming let me know and I will send you a map. This is kind of a central point, and the planning (fishing) is usually good in November.

NOW... Flats Dude will be in charge of making sure that only pirates attend. He will be checking ID's and making sure you are from Florida. Anyone sneaking from another state will be dealt with by The Dude..... He has been known to be bribed so if you are in the area, the risk of being keel hauled might be worth the trip. This is not I repeat not the Florida Fish-in. This is a planning meeting. It is our second annual planning meeting. For those lucky enough to have been here last year I do not need to explain. The rest of you read the Dude's article from last November.

As this gets closer we might decide to meet for breakfast, Stev's choice of resturant.
That will be decided by the usual way.

Any questions contact one of us that was there last year. Again read the Dude's November article, or just contact me.

So far we know that the following will be there.

Stev aka Captain Yid
Flats Dude

Let me know so you can be added to the planning board list.


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