Hey JC,
As you suggested I purchased the titanium wire leader stuff to make the tippets for my saltwater flies. I received the items yesterdy and think I need further clarification on setting up my new salt gear.
The package on the titanium wire says that only the clinch knot (as demonstrated on the pkg) could be used for rigging (shows to a double swivel)and I am assuming that in the case of ly fishing that means the fly. The second knot which is shown is for attaching the wire to monofilament(does not say fluorocarbon) is the Albright knot. Neither knot tied with the wire snugs down very well.
My question is: I have a saltwater tapered leader currently attached(by the fly shop) loop to loop on my line so would it be necessary to use another piece of shock leader from the end of the existing leader to loop to loop the wire tippet with the fly? Seems to me that there would be an awful lot of hinging when trying to cast.