11/12 wt, moderate action, tough as nails - sounds like a Shakespeare Uglistick to me. They're cheap but they don't cast as well as those old Fisher rods, or anything else for that matter. As indestructable as a fly rod can be.

Why do you need an 11 or 12wt.

I have used a Sage RPLX 9wt and 30ft LC13 shooting heads for stripers for years. Same for Sage, Powell, and older Redington 10wts with 30ft LC13 or T14 heads. I also have an 11wt RPLXi that is a durable rod - but I haven't used it for stripers.

I haven't used or seen them my self, but many anglers like the Cam Sigler fly rods for their fishing, casting, and durability charateristics.

I think any of the top end and many mid price rods will suffice.