Just got back from a day with Ed (FloridaFlyer). Had a great time seeing some of Florida's fishing haunts. Aside from multiple Otters and Manatee we saw lots of other kinds of fish that Northern Pirates do not know personally. Thank you Ed for a nice day. Gary, too bad you could not make it. Let me know when your pool is done and I'll send you some Gold Fish. We had fun.

Dmicus, you should know that Ed is trying to copy you with the same hair style. I hope it is not contagious.

I invited Ed to come north to see what trout and Stripers are all about. I told him he could stay at your house. We'll make that party central. Dave, you can bring the beer and food. Ed and I will bring the personalities humor and wit. Oh and don't worry about bait. Ed and I will bring any bait we need to fly fish and you can provide the flies. Now isn't that a deal.