I took this from the general forum and hope LF doesn't mind:

Written and composed by the LadyFisher:

Most of you know Al Campbell has a brain tumor which has been operated on. It is a very rare type of cancer. He has had chemo and radiation and the tumor is growing again. Treatment has been stopped.

As a favor to me, I am asking each of you who has read Al's column, ever tied one of his flies, learned how to tie from his tutorials or received help from him on rod building, to improve the quality of his life now. Please do not wait. Send him a THANK YOU card or note NOW. Not a get well card, but a THANK YOU. Let him know how much he has done for you.

We may not have much time - I'd like to see him get cards and notes from every corner of the world from everyone he has helped.

Send to:

Al Campbell
5606 S. Pitch Ct.
Rapid City, SD 57701

Thank you,
LadyFisher, Publisher

LadyFisher, Publisher of