On June 10, 2006 my buddy and I were float tubing on a high mountain lake in Colorado.

Heavy runoff was being discharged into the St. Vrain river through an underwater outlet that we were not aware of. Long story short both of us were sucked into the outlet drain, including our Super FatCats, and violently discharged into the white water of the St. Vrain.

Fortunately we both had inflatable fishing vests (Stormy Seas models) and were able to keep our heads above water until we were rescued.

I am selling my tubing gear but am keeping my life vest for whatever fishing I do from now on. Believe me, when your clothes are soaked and waders being filled with water, and tubing fins on your feet, it is difficult to remain calm enough to save yourself.

The "Stormy Seas" vest I have is a shorty fishing vest. A yank on the pocket flap is all it takes to inflate it. It saved two lives here in Colorado.