Dear LadyFisher:
I'm so sad to hear about Al's disease...
I'm one of those who learned a lot and improved a lot my fly tying thanks to Al. More important for us so far away in Argentinian Patagonia, where we don't have much access to knowledge to improve our beloved flies. Al helped me a lot and every time I wrote him he VERY KINDLY answered me with a wealth of information.
I'm afraid if I send a note (we have a lousy mail in Argentina) it would not arrive in time. Is there any mail to write?
Even though I never met him I feel him so close as one more of my friends, so I can imagine how you all must feel. We share the feeling.
Thank you for your time.

Gustavo Armand Ugon
Rio Bermejo 837
Neuquen - Argentina

(I responded and told Gustavo to email Al)