I am going to be going to South Dakota this year pheasant hunting in a month or so. I was wondering if there was a few people interested in swapping some pheasant tails/feathers for some other fly tying materials, hooks etc. you might have. Each year my father and I average between 20 and 30 pheasants. We clean them ourselves and I have enough pheasant feathers for myself to last for a very, very long time. Usually I'll bring a few tail feathers home for my kids, but otherwise these feathers goto waste. If there are a few people interested I would be willing to bring some tail feathers home for some kind of trade. I'm not real fussy, I just started tying and don't have alot of other materials or hooks or even a couple of your lucky flies would be fine. I don't need a lot, just something to help keep me busy during the winter. I'm more interested in seeing something going to good use than going to waste. They are some beautiful birds with beautiful feathers that need to go to somebody who will appreciate and use them. you can email mee at: crayszj@novagate.com be sure to include something about fly tying in the subject line so my spam filter doesn't accidently delete your e-mail. Thanks Jim