As I ordered yet another 100 package of Daiichi 1180 hooks and picked up a 25 pack to hold me over; I realized that I really burn through certain hook sizes while other sizes languish, "just in case". I am not a commercial tier but I do tie a minimum quantity of 16 of each pattern when I sit down to tie.

I was wondering; based on your preferences and local bugs etc; what model and size hook do you go though the most and why? For me it has to be Daiichi 1180 size 16 and Daiichi 1110 size 20 to the tune of several hundred a year; (don?t laugh commercial tiers out there); followed by Daiichi 1120 size 22-26 and TMC 2488 at about 200+ each a year. The reason is I tie a lot of terrestrials especially beetles and bees and only tie one size; 16. Caddis and Sulphurs also account for lots of size 16?s. The little stuff is for midges, BWO?s and Tricos the other ?big? hatches in my neck of the woods.

What about you?

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