I've been interested in woolly grubbers since I saw the tails for them in a Cabelas catalog a few years ago. I am going to experiment with tying a few for a swap that I'm hosting here on FAOL. The only problem is that I have seen the grubber that Cabelas sells, and it doesn't look like what I have in mind for the fly. I've looked online, and done a search here on FAOL, and can't find a pattern for one anywhere. Anyone have any links or info?
I'm going to start with the tail from a 1" chartruse grub on a #10 hook, using a conical gold bead head with chartruse chenille and hackle and some rubber legs tied behind the bead angling to the rear. Tied like a standard woolly bugger with a curl tail in place of the maribou. Does this sound reasonable?